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Fresh Cut

Willie G vocals; special guest artists, Guitar Shorty, Chris Burns, Carl Green and Dave Wellhausen.

This CD features special guest artists along with a wealth of blues musicians who perform in the San Francisco Bay area. Willie G is a soulful bluesman who is resourceful in his vocal lyrical approach, going from falsetto to yodeling.

The first cut says it all --
  • "Blues Singer"

  • There are a total of thirteen original tunes and this is straight-ahead blues. A tidy little offering which is worthwhile listening.

    -- Dorothy L. Hill
  • Blues Singer
  • P. T. L.
  • Midnight
  • Running
  • Missing You
  • We Get All the Blues
  • Find a Doctor
  • Stone Crazy
  • Regrets
  • This Morning
  • Guilty
  • Drifted
  • Back to Your Momma

  • Musician Credits:

    Special Guest Artists (Solos)
    Guitar Shorty
    Chris Burns
    Carl Green
    Dave Wellhausen

    Sweat Meat Horns:
    Carl Green
    John Middleton
    Mara Fox
    Richard Tasby

    Bobby Cochran
    Ernest Carter
    Frank Samuels

    Chris Burns, Pianist & Organ
    John Turk: Basic Piano

    Bass: Willie Riser
    Rhythm Guitar: Tim Landers
    Music Director: Chris Burns

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    The Lone Caroler

    Willie G: The Lone Caroler (Tropicana Records)

    If four years of Real Blues has taught me anything, it's that the less fluff and promo the better the CD. It may sound strange but these CDs usually become my permanent favorites, you know, the ones that will go with me to my grave. This couldn't be truer in the case of "The Lone Caroler." This CD covers my favorite holiday (second to Halloween... with a Screaming Jay Hawkins twist, of course) and funkifies it, makes it hip. Let's face it, most Christmas CDs are painful and tired and it takes a truly talented artist to pull it off. Willie G does that phenomenally and then some, leaving us with a CD destined to become a Christmas classic. It's not like this multi-talented man decided to sing about cheatin' or heartbreak, I have a feeling he could do that in his sleep, but he took on what Hollywood banks on every Christmas season, finding love on the holidays.

    "The Lone Caroler" contains 7 tracks all composed and arranged by Willie G and all 7 tunes are foxy with a capital F. His baritone vocals glide throughout the CD like velvety chocolate, leaving you with the feeling that Santa just left Marvin Gaye under your tree. Willie G's soulful vocals got that kind of effect. (Girls, you know what I mean!). -- Cheri Lynn

  • Elves
  • Santa
  • Hey Neighbor
  • This Year
  • Going Back to Texas
  • From Me to You
  • Power of Christmas
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    On The Cover

    Good Time Roll

    Wall to Wall

    Further On Up The Road

    Change My Mind

    Love Of Mine

    Green Grass

    Driving Wheel

    Still Call It The Blues

    Dont Want No Wife